Nonviolent Communication

What is Nonviolent Communication?

NVC is a process of communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg in the USA in the 1960’s as he searched for a way to help people live in peace, learn how to communicate with respect, compassion and honesty, and enjoy life.

NVC builds an awareness of how to stay connected to the humanity of ourselves and others while communicating, and offers specific tools to stay in this often surprisingly transformative way of interacting.

NVC leads to people being heard and understood, finding increased clarity in communication, and feeling a connectedness and warmth of heart that arises from relating in this way.

The quality of connection created also transforms situations where conflict is in the air, so that compassion emerges, and people choose actions that are in harmony with everyone’s needs and values.

NVC transforms the following into life-giving messages:

  • blame (its your fault…. )
  • criticism (that’s just not good enough)
  • labels (lazy, English, neurotic)
  • insults (you stupid idiot)
  • threats (if you don’t……I’m going to)
  • self-diminishment (doing any of the above to ourselves)
  • guilt, depression, anger and shame

 “As a new student to NVC I find it opens many doors to communication that otherwise might have remained shut. Gina’s help and advice has been gold dust!” 


My colleague, Bridget Belgrave and I have developed The NVC Dance Floors to contribute to the learning practice and teaching of NVC.  For more information visit  To purchase these materials please use this link:

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The two videos below are from an interview Shona Cameron did with me and Bridget Belgrave with whom I co-developed the NVC Dance Floors. We talk about some key elements  of the approach and also the history of how these materials were developed from the work of Marshall Rosenberg. 


For live online courses and many other resources join the NVC Academy by clicking here.

The Centre for Nonviolent Communication links trainers, organisers and supporters worldwide.

“NVC has changed the way I investigate complaints. I now find myself stepping into the situation with the intention of making a connection rather than making judgements and it makes all the difference to the outcome. I am able to more clearly hear how the complainant feels and what needs are not being met. It is not unusual for the the other person, having been fully heard, to come up with the solution and move us towards a resolution.”

Carolyn Harvey

Quality Assurance Manager, Leeds City College, Park Lane Campus

Gina is an assessor with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication supporting candidates who wish to become certified trainers. Information about this process and her work as an assessor can be found here.

The assessor role takes a large proportion of her time these days. In addition to this, Gina offers training tailored to groups or organisations, mediation, coaching for individuals or couples, coaching for people applying NVC in their workplace and supervision/mentoring for certified trainers and candidates.


If you are in any way dissatisfied with services I have offered or communication with me, I would like to hear about it. Please seek support if it is hard for you to tell me direct.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful resource: The Conflict Transformation Weave who would be willing to support us if it is not something we can resolve together. You can find them here.

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