Empathic Decluttering

Empathic Decluttering Explained

Are you longing


  • for spaciousness
  • for peace of mind
  • to be on top of things
  • to use your energy effectively?

Do you


  • walk past cupboards with an internal groan?
  • often wonder where you put something?
  • hang on to ‘stuff’, both physical and emotional, that you’d love to let go of?
  • carry round the psychological burden of all the things you haven’t got round to doing?
Maybe you’ve had a go at de-cluttering on your own but it was ‘too hard’ or you ‘couldn’t find the time’?

Our approach isn’t just about throwing stuff out. It is about working with the emotional attachment to it to free up your choice, time and energy.

If you are ready to get down to it and want skilled, enthusiastic support, contact us to discuss a way forward. We work with a range of people including hoarders, those who want to clearout a room or downsize in Hampshire and Dorset.

“Really wanting to thank you for your support and insight during our 1:1 session. You helped me get to the core beliefs I had around decluttering. I am now sitting in a home that is nearly all de-cluttered!  And I feel amazing about it, because the energy around doing it has felt so totally different from any other time I have tried to do this in the past. This time, I feel so much more aligned with what I want, and the inner conflict around it has melted away. It has made such a big difference to my outer and inner peace and

Mrs. Rose

Your ‘Decluttering’ workshop has had a profound effect on me, both inner on an emotional level and outer on a material level.  The ability to finally part with my old wedding dress is but one fine example which encompasses both aspects“.

Jenny Yeates

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Interested to learn more?

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