Gina Lawrie

I work from home and internationally as a consultant, trainer and coach.

I run my own business and have done for the past
twenty years. I am based in Christchurch, Dorset and my
work takes me across the world:
Australia, New Zealand and Singapore as well as Europe and USA.

I have been decreasing the amount I travel in the last few years both to protect the environment and toward a different balance with less work and more time for community and nature.

I have trained in a broad spectrum of both conventional and less conventional approaches.
My background is in psychology and social work, way back I was also a teacher of meditation. My learning from these fields has continued to influence me in the 30 years since. I also draw on the application of Gestalt and the new science of complexity to organisations.

I am passionate about contributing to development; personal, management and organisational.

I enjoy collaborating with a range of colleagues to support the development of organisations, teams and individuals and accompanying behavioural and cultural changes.

In addition to the work of Marshall Rosenberg, other influences on my work are: Gestalt, Open Space Technology, Complexity theory as well as the many people I have worked with over the years and the organisations that have sought my help.