Gina Lawrie

International Consultant, Coach and Trainer


Although I call myself an Organisation Development Consultant, I do a wide variety of consultancy, coaching, mediation and training.

I work with individuals, groups and organisations.

What I Offer


Nonviolent Communication

NVC builds an awareness of how to stay connected to the humanity of ourselves and others while communicating, and offers specific tools to stay in this often surprisingly transformative way of interacting.

Empathic Decluttering

Our approach isn’t just about throwing stuff out. It is about working with the emotional attachment to it to free up your choice, time and energy.

My work is about

  • working in partnership with clients and colleagues
  • facilitating individuals and groups to act in  ways they are less likely to regret afterward
  • supporting and challenging in ways that foster insight and growth
  • empowering individuals and organisations to find increasing congruence between their behaviours and their values
  • integration of the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of individuals and of organisations

Whether consulting to organisations or working with individuals I draw on a broad spectrum of both conventional and non conventional approaches.

“I feel totally able to speak with Gina about issues that I even find difficult with my wife as her compassion and understanding seem infinite.  Her outstanding listening skills and wisdom make change within seem reachable.”

Nigel, UK