This page has articles and resources that may help you as you explore Nonviolent communication further.

Awakening Compassion - Gina Lawrie

How do we respond with compassion when face with responses from others like: "No!" or "Terrorists are just evil people"? It can be tough to see the divine energy in that person in the moment. We can start by asking ourselves what our intention is in communicating with the other person. If our intention is to change them we are unlikely to find that place of compassion in our hearts. To read more, click here.

Couragous Conversations in Tough Times - 2011,  Gina Lawrie

This article explores how our typical responses to 'tough times' have habitual reactions that occur within us and offers a different way to support ourselves in having the courageous conversations that the times call for. Click here to read more.

Dance Your Way to Empathic Dialogue: Nonviolent Communication - Gina Lawrie
- Published in SEAL Conference Proceedings. Liverpool, April 2005.

Empathic dialogue with ourselves is the basis for the quality of dialogue that we long for with others, wether family, friends, lovers or colleagues. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) guides us to connecting more with our hearts as the basis for heart connection to others. To read more, click here now.

Nonviolent Communication in Organisations
The purpose of this article is to outline the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and to describe some of the ways I believe it can help individuals and organisations to be more connected and build the sort of communities we would like to inhabit in the new millennium. To read more, click here



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