Events and Workshops in 2019

6-13 July - Heart to Heart Conversations: how to have the conversations you long for - holiday workshop in Spain

This is a wonderful opportunity to combine learning or deepening your skills of Nonviolent Communication with relaxing in the nurturing environment of Cortijo Romero in sunny Spain.

Move into your power and learn a simple yet profound process to....
- OBSERVE what actually triggers upset in your interactions with others
- Notice your FEELINGS in relation to this
- Identify what NEEDS you are longing for, maybe:- hope, closeness, freedom, clarity, inspiration, peace?
- REQUEST what you really want with confidence

Let your body experience your story on floor cards. Develop compassion for yourself.  Enjoy the wonderful peace and freedom your new-found clarity will bring.

Based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, using the NVC Dance Floors co-created by Gina and Bridget Belgrave.

Previous participants have described the week as: life-changing - empowering - heartfelt - growing compassion in the world.

Listen to Gina interviewed about the location and the workshop.

To book: Special deals currently available if you mention my name!!


8 - 11 November - The NVC Dance Floors in Belgium

What you can expect from the NVC Dance Floors workshop:

  • Find out about the full range Dance Floors
  • Deepen your understanding of NVC through practice on the Dance Floors
  • Transform pain, anger or guilt and heal inner conflicts
  • Experience the healing power of self empathy
  • Try out challenging conversations in roleplays
  • Explore when and how to use Dance Floors in a workshop or practice group
  • Develop your abilities to coach others on the NVC Dance Floors in one-to-one or group settings.

Who is it for?

  • People wanting personal development
  • People wanting to learn more about NVC
  • People wanting to find new ways of sharing NVC
  • People who already know some of the NVC Dance Floors, wanting to focus on how to guide others on the Dance Floors.
  • Trainers interested in developing the ability to show other trainers how to use NVC Dance Floors.

This workshop wil be in English with full translation into Dutch, if necessary.
Location: Blabla – Huis van verbinding, Eindhout
Price: sliding scale € 550-850 + 21% VAT.

For more information and booking contact Heidi:


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