Events and Workshops in 2019

The Peace and Power Series

A nine month program, including three standalone retreats, to deeply integrate and embody the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). 1 remaining that Gina will be part of but they will continue, so you can sign up at any time for as many as you wish.

You are invited to your new future with the opportunity to learn with three different and yet wholly aligned NVC Certified Trainers. Shona Cameron, Donal Gannon and Gina Lawrie have combined their experience
and wisdom to bring you a unique holistic, integrity filled program.

Cultivating Peace and Power in the World
28 May - 2 June 2019, Dorset, UK

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You can view the trainer team talking about aspects of the series here

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 10-11 May - Inner Clarity as a Life Practice with Christiaan Zandt and Gina Lawrie in The Netherlands

We invite you to join our exploration of:

  • Ways to get to inner clarity and connect with inner purpose
  • Decision making with more ease: How to choose and change priorities?
  • How to stay true to your purpose without being rigid/attached?

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Sometimes struggle to find inner clarity
  • Experience difficulty in making some life decisions
  • Worry about telling others about decisions once you’ve made them
  • Have difficulty stopping doing something that is no longer serving you
  • Notice that you tend to use more words than you would like to express yourself
  • Have attended at least 2 days of NVC-training.

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6-13 July - Heart to Heart Conversations: how to have the conversations you long for - holiday workshop in Spain

This is a wonderful opportunity to combine learning or deepening your skills of Nonviolent Communication with relaxing in the nurturing environment of Cortijo Romero in sunny Spain.

Move into your power and learn a simple yet profound process to....
- OBSERVE what actually triggers upset in your interactions with others
- Notice your FEELINGS in relation to this
- Identify what NEEDS you are longing for, maybe:- hope, closeness, freedom, clarity, inspiration, peace?
- REQUEST what you really want with confidence

Let your body experience your story on floor cards. Develop compassion for yourself.  Enjoy the wonderful peace and freedom your new-found clarity will bring.

Based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication, using the NVC Dance Floors co-created by Gina and Bridget Belgrave.

Previous participants have described the week as: life-changing - empowering - heartfelt - growing compassion in the world.

Listen to Gina interviewed about the location and the workshop.

To book:
Book before 06/01/2019 only £685.00
Book before 06/04/2019 only £715.00
Later £745.00

8 - 11 November - The NVC Dance Floors in Belgium

What you can expect from the NVC Dance Floors workshop:

  • Find out about the full range Dance Floors
  • Deepen your understanding of NVC through practice on the Dance Floors
  • Transform pain, anger or guilt and heal inner conflicts
  • Experience the healing power of self empathy
  • Try out challenging conversations in roleplays
  • Explore when and how to use Dance Floors in a workshop or practice group
  • Develop your abilities to coach others on the NVC Dance Floors in one-to-one or group settings.

Who is it for?

  • People wanting personal development
  • People wanting to learn more about NVC
  • People wanting to find new ways of sharing NVC
  • People who already know some of the NVC Dance Floors, wanting to focus on how to guide others on the Dance Floors.
  • Trainers interested in developing the ability to show other trainers how to use NVC Dance Floors.

This workshop wil be in English with full translation into Dutch, if necessary.
Location: Blabla – Huis van verbinding, Eindhout
Price: sliding scale € 550-850 + 21% VAT.

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