Gina Lawrie
“Principally, I help people and organisations to change and grow, and to live increasingly in a way which accords with their values. This often boils down to helping people to talk to each other in ways that increase connection and understanding. ”

Hello, I’m Gina Lawrie. Let me introduce myself
I am a busy, fulfilled consultant, trainer and coach,
working from home and internationally.

I run my own business and have done for the past
fifteen years. I am based in Christchurch, Dorset and my
work takes me across the world:
Australia, New Zealand and Singapore as well as Europe and USA.

I have trained in a broad spectrum of both
conventional and less conventional approaches.
My background is in psychology and social work, way
back I was also a teacher of meditation. My learning
from these fields has continued to influence me in
the 20 years since. I also draw on the application of
Gestalt and the new science of complexity to

I am passionate about contributing to development;
personal, management and organisational.

I enjoy collaborating with a range of colleagues to
support the development of organisations, teams and
individuals and accompanying behavioural and
cultural changes.

"I really admire Gina’s ability to stay so focused
 and to express things so clearly whilst still
 radiating warmth and friendliness.”

 Dr. Mandy Sharpe, GP

Two important influences on my work are:-

Nonviolent Communication:
I am part of an international network of trainers certified to train others in Nonviolent Communication, a unique model of communication which enhances human connection, understanding and relationship, pertinent for use in every context of contemporary life.

Open Space Technology:
Developed in 1960’s by Harrison Owen, Open Space is a simple yet powerful way to run meetings of between 2 and 5000 people.
A great way to make involvement and participation real, it is also  an approach that works well when participants care deeply about the subject, when the task seems overwhelming or to encourage self organisation.


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