Gina Lawrie
“Principally, I help people and organisations to change and grow, and to live increasingly in a way which accords with their values. This often boils down to helping people to talk to each other in ways that increase connection and understanding.”


Although I call myself an Organisation Development Consultant, I actually do a wide variety of consultancy, coaching and training.

I work with individuals, groups and organisations.

My work is about:

  • working in partnership with clients and colleagues
  • facilitating individuals and groups to act in  ways they are less likely to regret afterward
  • supporting and challenging in ways that foster insight and growth
  • empowering individuals and organisations to find increasing congruence between their behaviours and their values
  • integration of the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of individuals and of organisations

Whether consulting to organisations or working with individuals I draw on a broad spectrum of both conventional and non conventional approaches.


What I Offer


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"My corporate clients and I
value Gina's integrity, warmth
and professionalism. At ease
even with the most
challenging of people, she
connects and inspires."

Malcolm Roberts,
International Consultant , Australia

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